WP5: Wind tunnel verification

Objective: To verify aerodynamic features of the design philosophy, wind tunnel verification will be performed. As the rotor size in a wind tunnel is different from a real wind turbine rotor, the “optimal” demonstration model in WP2 will be used. To meet the operation conditions of the designed optimal rotor, the model rotor will run at a high tip speed. The outcome of the measurements will be used to validate the aerodynamic design codes and the CFD code.

Expected resultsNew insight of high tip-speed rotors, providing data for validation of computing codes.

This WP including following tasks:

  • Task 5.1: Testing the designed high speed airfoils in the wind tunnel at YZU.
  • Task 5.2: Testing the designed wind turbine model in the wind tunnel at YZU.
  • Task 5.3: Comparing experimental data with CFD computations in WP2.
After completion of this WP, there will be:
  • Milestone 6: Wind tunnel verification of the design.

WP5 will be carried out by YZU with collaboration of DTU Wind Energy-FM.


Wen Zhong Shen
DTU Wind Energy
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