WP4: Control of wind turbines under offshore wind conditions in China

Objective: Controllers are an important part of a turbine in order to achieve an optimal operation. This includes both maximizing the power production as well as minimizing the loads. In the task, control algorithms for individual blade pitch control will be investigated for a wind turbine under offshore wind conditions in China by aero-elastic simulations on the turbine. Focus will be on adapting the control system to efficiently handle the extreme wind conditions that can occur. Also the interaction with the passive load alleviation as considered in WP3 will be focussed. An essential part of a control system is the selection of suitable sensors to provide input to the control system. Previous investigations have shown that a sensor system using five-hole pitot-tubes on the rotating blades can be used to reduce the loads on the turbine considerably. However, other sensor systems such as e.g. lidar systems that can look more than a rotor diameter upstream will be investigated in the project as the robustness of the sensors is of high importance.

Expected results: Control algorithms for individual blade pitch control including suitable sensor systems for optimal control of wind turbines operating in the selected offshore site

This WP including following tasks:

  • Task 4.1: Developing suitable control techniques for a wind turbine blade, i.e. individual pitch control combined with passive load control.
  • Task 4.2: Performing aeroelastic analysis for the designed rotor under offshore wind conditions including typhoon.
  • Task 4.3: Optimizing the pitch control for load alleviation on the designed wind turbine under typhoon conditions.

After completion of this WP, there will be:

  • Milestone 5Development of a pitch controller for wind turbines under offshore conditions in China
WP4 will be carried out by DTU Wind Energy-AED with collaboration of YZU and DTU Wind Energy-FM.


Wen Zhong Shen
DTU Wind Energy
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