WP1: Offshore wind conditions in China

Objective: To design optimal wind turbine rotors at offshore locations in China, the local wind conditions including Weibull distribution and turbulence characteristics will be investigated. Moreover, there are many typhoon periods in China. These features are important for designing wind turbine rotors and control systems for operating wind turbines under such conditions.

Expected resultsNew insights into the offshore wind conditions in China.

This WP including following tasks:

  • Task 1.1: Defining a typical offshore site in China; find the wind speed profile and its turbulence characteristics.
  • Task 1.2: Determining the wind features under tropical cyclones.

After completion of this WP, there will be:

  • Milestone 1: Determination of offshore wind conditions in China.

WP1 will be carried out by YZU.


Wen Zhong Shen
DTU Wind Energy
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